Two Counties Cracking Down on Meth
Created by kblakeslee on 2/18/2013 2:44:44 PM

In an attempt to crack down on meth use, the DeKalb and Steuben County Sheriffs are asking community members to report any incidents involving methamphetamine…

Steuben County Sheriff, Tim Troyer and DeKalb County Sheriff Don Lauer tell our partners in news at 21 alive, that their departments rely heavily on the information local citizens provide about the use and production of meth. They say that if they aren't made aware of these issues the drug-related activities will continue and the meth problem will continue to grow.

The Indiana Department of Child Services is joining this effort because they see first-hand the devastating effects meth has on families.

To report any suspicion of illegal drug production or use, contact the Steuben County Sheriff's Office at 260-668-1000 ext 5000 or the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office at 260-925-3365. You can also submit anonymous tips online at either of the following websites:

Steuben County Sheriff <>

Northeast Indiana Illegal Drugs Task Force <>