$6 million in supplemental relief distributed to State Fair victims…
Created by kblakeslee on 12/20/2012 2:17:38 PM

This week, the State of Indiana is distributing $6 million in supplemental relief payments to all victims of the Indiana State Fair disaster. The 59 applicants, including estates of the seven deceased victims will share the $6 million.

The Legislature approved these funds, when it assigned the Attorney General’s Office the duty of distributing the funds.

“It was appropriate that the Indiana legislators decided to provide additional financial assistance to victims of the State Fair tragedy in light of all that victims have endured. Developing and implementing an equitable method for allocating the funds was a complicated process, but our objective that victims receive expedited funds without years of litigation was accomplished,” Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said.


This marks the second and final phase of state government payment to victims of the August 13, 2011, stage-rigging. The $6 million supplemental relief combined with an earlier round of payment last year brings the total public relief to State Fair victims to $11 million.