Boil water advisory in effect for Wedgewood Park…
Created by kblakeslee on 12/15/2012 3:22:44 PM


Homes and businesses served by the Wedgewood Park Water Utility are advised to boil their drinking before consumption. This precautionary measure is recommended because bacteria may have entered the water line due to low water pressure.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is recommending that all cooking and drinking water be brought to a complete boil for three minutes before using. This advisory will remain in effect until bacteria sampling shows that the water is safe to drink.

Meanwhile, Wedgewood Park Water Utility customers are asked to conserve water and only use what is necessary for household and personal needs.

Boiled water should also be used for cooking, brushing teeth, making formula, watering pets, making coffee and washing fruits and vegetables. The “flat” taste of boiled water can be diminished by pouring the water back and forth between two clean containers or by running boiled water through a water filter.

 Adults, teens and older children do not need to use boiled water for showering or bathing, but should avoid getting any water in their mouth. Infants, toddlers, the elderly and anyone with severely comprised immune systems may want to use boiled water for bathing after it has cooled.

Boiled water does not need to be used for washing clothes. Dishes should be washed using unboiled water, but should be sanitized by soaking them for one minute in water with bleach and allowed to air dry completely. Use one teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water.

Businesses should contact the St. Joseph County Health Department for additional instructions on what they should do during boil water advisories. Citizens with questions should call the Wedgewood Park Water Utility at (574) 266-0657 or (574) 226-7131.