A 6 month investigation in DeKalb County leads to several drug busts…
Created by kblakeslee on 12/10/2012 12:45:07 PM

Today around 6:00 am the IMAGE Drug Task Force teamed up with several police departments to serve DeKalb County arrest warrants on nine people. The arrest warrants were the culmination of a six month investigation by members of the IMAGE Drug Task Force. As of 11:00am the following individuals had been located… 

Erich J. Zumbaugh – Age 19 / 100 Block of Second Street, Auburn, Indiana
Charges – 2 C Felonies 
Dealing in Marijuana, Hash Oil, Hashish, Salvia or a Synthetic Drug 

Paul D. Turner – Age 32 / Washington Street, St. Joe, Indiana 
Charges – 2 B Felonies 
Dealing in Schedule II Controlled Substance

Gavin R. Monroe – Age 22 / Ben Mar Mobile Home, Park Garrett, Indiana  
Charges – D Felony 
Dealing in Marijuana, Hash Oil, Hashish, Salvia or a Synthetic Drug 

Jeffery J. Pippenger – Age 57 / 500 Block N. Orange St. Albion, Indiana 
Currently housed @ Westville Department of Corrections on unrelated charges 
Charges – 2 B Felonies 
Dealing in a Schedule I, II or III Controlled Substance 

James A. Damron – Age 25 / 200 Block of Cherry St. Butler, Indiana
Currently housed @ DeKalb County Jail on unrelated Charges 
Charges – 3 Felonies 
Dealing in Cocaine or a Narcotic Drug 

Justin T. Parker – Age 23 / 900 Block Ruth Street Auburn, Indiana 
Charges – D Felony 
Maintaining a Common Nuisance 

Emily A High, Age 20 was not part of the IMAGE investigation but was found in the company of Erich Zumbaugh in the 100 Block of Second Street Auburn. High was arrested and charged with Visiting a Common Nuisance / B Misdemeanor.  Officers also located items associated with illegal drug use at Zumbaugh's residence and additional charges against Zumbaugh are pending. Police continue to search for three other individuals on multiple drug related charges.