Lower Crop Prices

Lower Crop Prices
Created by rrummel on 12/17/2013 4:57:18 PM

According to Rabobank Report

According to the annual outlook report of Rabobank International - agricultural commodities including soybeans and corn will probably extend declines in 2014 as world supplies remain ample. According to Rabobank analysts - the world is entering a period of more balanced supply and demand fundamentals after a decade of increasing volatility that drove prices for many farm goods to records. Lead analyst Luke Chandler says increased planting of grains and oilseeds and a potential slowdown in crop use for biofuels means prices for corn and soybeans will trend lower next year. According to Rabobank - corn may average as low as $4.10 a bushel in the fourth quarter of next year - while soybeans slide to $10.70 a bushel. Rabobank has a neutral outlook for wheat - saying the market is delicately balanced while ample corn supplies may reduce demand for the grain. The bank forecast wheat at an average $6.40 a bushel in the second, third and fourth quarters. The price outlook for cotton is an average as low as 73-cents per pound in the fourth quarter.

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