Pence Seeks Pre-K Vouchers and Road Money in 2nd Year

Pence Seeks Pre-K Vouchers and Road Money in 2nd Year
Created by kblakeslee on 12/5/2013 1:45:21 PM

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will seek to expand the nation's broadest school voucher program to disadvantaged preschool-age children and increase access to charter schools in his second year as governor.
Pence also says he plans to seek new money for roads and push for a series of economic measures, including eliminating the personal property tax for businesses and altering regulations to attract more companies to the state.
Pence outlined his agenda Thursday at a legislative conference organized by the Indianapolis law firm Bingham Greenbaum Doll. He has said previously that he plans to spend his second session with the General Assembly pushing for a range of issues broadly focused on improving Indiana's economy.
Pence had moderate success pushing through his initiatives during his first legislative session this year. 
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