You're Intolerant For Your Beliefs

You're Intolerant For Your Beliefs
Created by rreker on 11/24/2013 8:53:17 AM

I would like talk to anyone who are fast to scream "separation of church and state" try to argue this one:

The school is saying you're intolerant for your beliefs. They're saying you're raising your children to be hateful towards other religions.They're saying you're a bad parent for teaching your Christian children that other faiths are false.

First of all -- why would you try to scare the parents for something they absolutely have the right to do? But this is a lame excuse to indoctrinate our kids by saying there is no right or wrong. Morals are what you make of it. It's the idea that there are many paths to the same outcome. It's the idea that the schools system knows what is right for your kids -- not you as the parent.

I've also read that the school revoked this field trip after complaints and apologized. But it doesn't change the way the school system thinks and makes decisions. They're going to continue to make decisions that impact your kids with this mindset... and that should be enough to keep you very involved with school politics -- that's if you haven't decided to home school.

You can read the story here

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