Give To The Homeless

Give To The Homeless
Created by rreker on 11/23/2013 8:10:15 AM

Have you ever given money to the homeless? Have you ever not wanted to give to the homeless? It can be tricky in the sense that you don't want to fuel an addiction, nor do you want to ignore someone that needs help. Here's a campaign they did in England:

This is a great approach and I'm glad it works for them. But as John Stossel says... you shouldn't give to someone with a sign:

So who should you give to?It's your money. Keep that in mind. It's YOUR money. But you're going to be doing much better by giving to legit charities and not directly to someone. So what do you you do?

I'm with John Stossel here. It's not a good idea to give to someone with a sign because you don't know where it goes and you can very well be contributing to the wrong cause.

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