USDA Determines 2013 Crop Yields

USDA Determines 2013 Crop Yields
Created by rrummel on 11/19/2013 1:23:40 PM

11,000 Indiana farmers surveyed

As farmers wrap up the 2013 growing season, the USDA will conduct three major surveys to determine 2013 crop acreage and yields, as well as, hog inventories. These three surveys, the 2013 Row Crops County Agricultural Production Survey (CAPS), the December Agricultural Survey, and the December Hog Report, will be used to establish final 2013 crop acreage, yield, and production estimates, as well as, winter wheat and rye seedings, grain stocks, and hog inventories and farrowings. Estimates of acreage, yield, and production of corn, soybeans, and dry beans by county will also be set using the data farmers provide on these surveys.

The USDA will contact approximately 11,000 Indiana farmers and ask them to provide their 2013 acreage and crop or hog production data. Each report is critical to ensure data reliability.

Most selected farmers will receive a questionnaire in the mail. Those not responding by mail will receive a follow up telephone call or personal visit. Producers receiving questionnaires in the mail are encouraged to complete and return the questionnaire promptly. Completing the surveys on the internet is also an option for all three surveys. Individual reports from farmers are kept confidential and are summarized to set county, state, and national estimates of crop production.

The Hogs and Pigs report based on the December Hog survey will be released Friday, December 27 at 3:00 pm Eastern. The Crop Production, Grain Stocks, and Winter Wheat Seedings reports based on the December Agricultural Survey will be released early January. County level estimates for wheat will be available on December 12 at 3:00 pm and in late February 2014 for corn and soybeans.

If you have questions about the surveys or releases, contact the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Regional Office at 1-800-453-7501

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