What's wrong with kids?

What's wrong with kids?
Created by rreker on 11/13/2013 2:09:12 PM

In New Jersey there's a new game called "knockout." The goal of this game is to punch random people. Just unreal...

What are these kids thinking? AND why are those kids laughing like this is all some kind of joke? What a shame... that these kids will live the rest of their lives thinking it's alright to confront other people violently. One day it's going to backfire and ruin everything. But let's be honest -- if you're going around trying to knock random people out, there's not a lot going on in your life. You're living at the bottom of the bottom... and eventually you'll run into someone with a conceal permit and they're not going to take kindly to this cowardly act.

But maybe this could be prevented. Maybe the parents will recognize their kids and take a bigger part of their lives. Maybe the fathers will step in like they should -- and whoop them for even thinking about doing this again. One could only hope... but it's just a hope and not reality.

One of the criminals in this video were caught.Michael Ayoade, who is seen knocking out a 16 year old girl said in his defense that she deserved it because she had an unfriendly face. Not sure how you could tell that by running up from behind someone.

What should happen to these kids? In this case, I'm for skipping second chances and making them stand in front of a judge with adult charges. This should be instant jail time. They should be identified as a felon for the rest of their lives if just to warn the rest of the world when applying for jobs. But their judgement will come when someone ducks a punch and fights back.

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