Bar sign upsets Texas town

Bar sign upsets Texas town
Created by rreker on 10/9/2013 11:17:58 AM

All it takes is one sign to completely turn a town upside down:

Photo credit:  Good Morning America/Seetha Kulandaisamy | Minibar Austin

First of all... maybe I'm just thicker skinned than the average person because this sign doesn't offend me like it does the city of Austin, Texas.  The business and the staff member that made the sign simply made a really really really really stupid joke.  But lets be honest... if the internet was around when YOU were 18, this would of been YOU at some point in your life.  Maybe not this specific joke... but in general I can assume you've done a lot worse.

The employee was fired because of the pressure they put on the bar owner.  Simply put -- if signs like this offends you, you need a higher tolerance for life.  There's MUCH worse said on Family Guy and network TV every single night. 

And to give full disclosure... I don't talk like that and wouldn't defend this sign if it were my business.  But don't over react here...

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