Pro-Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

Pro-Farmer Midwest Crop Tour
Created by rrummel on 8/20/2013 4:51:15 PM

Some problems in Indiana

The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour started this year's tour in the started in South Dakota and in the East in Ohio. The two legs will work their way toward each other and meet late on Thursday.

The Ohio yield was estimated at 171.6 bushels per acre, up from the 3 year average of 144.1 but down slightly from the USDA estimate of 172. This is near a record yield but scouts noted dryness was beginning to take a toll on some areas and rainfall will be needed in order to hit the full yield potential.

The South Dakota yield was estimated at 161.75 bushels per acre, up from 74.26 last year and the 3 year average of 119.65. The USDA is estimating the yield at 138 bushels per acre. South Dakota is estimated to be the 6th largest corn producer this year and better than expected yields in areas like South Dakota will help offset less favorable production elsewhere.

The weekly Corn Conditions report showed 61% of the crop was rated good/excellent compared to 64% last week and 23% last year.

This was slightly below market forecast of a 2% decline although the trade range was 2-4%. The 10 year average for this time of year is 58%. Weather patterns favor another decline in conditions next week unless something changes by next weekend. Corn in the dough stage was estimated at 52%, up from 32% last week. Dented corn was pegged at 11%, up from 5% last week.

The weekly Soybean Crop Condition report showed 62% rated good/excellent compared to 64% last week and 31% last year. Major producing states saw declines across the board with MN dropping 4% to 59%, IA lost 1% to 47%, IN down 2% to 74%, and IL down 5% to 65%

As the Pro Farmer Crop Tour moved into the eastern half of Indiana, corn showed major signs of tip-back and the soybean fields had the beginning features of Sudden Death Syndrome - or SDS.  Ohio’s soybeans turned in an average pod count of 1283.61 in a three-foot square area.  

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