Holcomb Statement on Pence-Ellspermann Inauguration

Holcomb Statement on Pence-Ellspermann Inauguration
Created by kblakeslee on 1/14/2013 3:54:57 PM


Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb issued this statement following the inaugural ceremony for Governor Mike Pence and Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann:

"We have officially passed the torch from one great Republican governor to our next great Republican governor.  With Governor Mike Pence and Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann at the helm, Indiana's greatest days lie ahead.

"There's a reason why Indiana is recognized as a beacon of hope and an example of success.  Our Republican leaders have brought more jobs, less debt and lower taxes through fiscal discipline and a focus on creating the most attractive state for growth in the country.  Other states can learn a thing or two from Indiana and that success will continue under the leadership of Governor Pence and Lt. Gov. Ellspermann.  We are lucky to have yet another dynamic duo at the helm of state government, fighting to protect Hoosier taxpayers and families every single day."

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