Indy Explosion investigated as homicide

Indy Explosion investigated as homicide
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A source close to the investigation has confirmed to Eyewitness News the south side explosion is now a criminal homicide investigation.

The development comes on the same day that Jennifer and Dion Longworth, the couple killed in the Nov. 10 explosion in the Richmond Hill subdivision, were laid to rest.

Monday, around 20 police and firemen were shoveling their way through the last layer of ashes and debris in the garage of the home where the explosion is thought to have occurred.

Their work is arduous and painstaking. After eight days of detective work, they appear now to be looking for the smallest of clues.

Investigators are trying to find the source of a suspected natural gas leak and determine whether the fiery blast was the result of a malfunctioning appliance, an accident, or an intentional act.

Now it appears that investigators believe it was intentional, but they are not releasing any details at this point.

The Longworths lived next door to the home that exploded. Their house collapsed and burned around them. The explosion damaged dozens of other homes, and nearly a quarter of the neighborhood's houses are unsafe to live in.

The city wants them boarded up and secure by the end of the day. Contractors and homeowners appear close to meeting the deadline, and some are already making repairs, with new windows, new doors and new siding going up.

There will be a community meeting held tonight at 6:00 pm with an insurance meeting to follow at 7:00 pm.

Representatives from DHS (Chief Gary Coons), DCE (Adam Collins), MCPO (Terry Curry) IFD, IMPD and several other agencies will be addressing community concerns as the process to re-build continues.

Chief Gary Coons and Prosecutor Terry Curry will speak to the media tonight to offer an update on the investigation.

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