Hunters Warned of Dangerous Meth Trash

Hunters Warned of Dangerous Meth Trash
Created by kblakeslee on 10/8/2012 4:18:04 PM

By Scott Sarvay

October 8, 2012Updated Oct 8, 2012 at 3:28 PM EDT

Indiana (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Indiana State Police are asking deer hunters to keep an eye out for trash left behind by meth users.

Often times the trash from the one pot method contains chemicals that are toxic, flammable, or acidic and when combined can cause an explosion, fire or burns if it comes in content with skin.

- Meth cooks are using a variety of containers to manufacture their product. A popular container is the one and a half gallon gas can. These cans appear to be new and have been found along the roadside by unknowing people who believe that they have found a new gas can and end up with a working meth lab.

- Other items to be aware of include battery casings, Ziploc style bags, empty blister packs, and containers (pop bottles, jars, etc.) that contain a granular material. They may or may not have a tube extending out of the top depending on whether it is a hydrochloric (HCL) gas generator or a one pot reaction. Both of these are extremely hazardous.

- Be aware of any type of cylinder found in an odd place (middle of a field, ditch line, wooded area) that has a modified valve. The valve will typically be modified in some way and will have a bright blue color to it. These cylinders are used to store or transport anhydrous ammonia, which is an extremely dangerous gas when direct contact or inhalation has occurred.

- Be aware of backpacks and nylon or plastic bags found in an odd place. These bags could contain hazardous chemicals used in the meth lab process. Often meth cooks will hide these items and come back for them at a later time or date. Don’t handle or open these bags. The bags can trap toxic vapors and, when opened, will rise striking the person in the face.

If you come across something you are not sure of and it looks suspicious, don't pick it up and contact the police.

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